LED Quality

LED Quality Vs PRICE

LED Quality determines both the  overall light performance and also the length of time the LED product will reliably perform.

While most LED products appear the same visually or at best similar, it’s what you can’t see that matters most. Reviewing specifications can make it appear that you are comparing Apples to Apples, rarely is that the case when their is a difference in cost. LED Quality comes at a price, lowest price in my experience equals lowest quality. Scale of economics has little to do with price today. The only way to lower the cost is to lessen the expense of the individual components and that’s a fact!

LED Lighting is a complex electronic device, the individual discreet electronic components determine the  overall quality, which in turns drives reliability. Capacitors are an essential component, yet they vary widely in terms of reliability, companies such as Rubicon and Beryl are known for producing  very high quality capacitors.

The process of converting A/C to D/C can be either isolated or non isolated with the later being more energy efficient, and the former more expensive yet more robust.

LED diodes themselves can be easily calculated for their expected lifetime performance (L70 value) Unless a manufacturer has an independent test performed by an NVLP Laboratory on the actual fixture to determine light degradation of the diode, you are being given false hope! If only the LED manufacturers bare diode test data is being presented your can’t guarantee the light performance at all.

Visual appearances can be very deceptive, thermal conductivity is vital to maintaining a stable junction temperature for the diode, previously mentioned. The higher the junction temperature the quicker the degradation in light output and chromaticity shift. Alloys have higher thermal conductivity than say a pot metal, yet when painted their appearance is no different. Magnesium alloys have even higher capabilities of conducting the heat away from a diode, to guarantee a stable junction temperature. How can you be sure you are purchasing a high LED quality when you are comparing only on price?

Power supplies can be the Achilles heal of LED Quality, if these fail, the fixture fails. Power supplies take the brunt of the electricity supplied by the grid and when poor quality electricity is delivered, how well does the power supply cope. transient voltage spike are common and most are produced by internal equipment. This type of power can quickly cause a power supply to fail. Power supplies equipped with Transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS) have the capability to prevent the surge damaging the power supply by diverting the excess voltage back to the neutral conductor. Not all power supplies have integrated surge suppression built in, and when they do, how much protection do they offer 10KV, 25KV, the higher the better.

Warranties are not an indicator of reliability, most manufacturers in my experience don’t make LED products that will operate 24/ 7 for the entire period of their warranty. They edge their bets and calculate that only a small percentage of purchases will only run an LED product continuously or for extended periods of time say 10 -12 hours per day.

If you have a lighting need that’s required to operate for 10-12 hrs. every day or even 24/7 you should look for companies who specialize only in commercial grade LED lighting and have a proven track record of more than 5 years of reliability. If the companies not able to verify  products operating longer than 5 years, where is the proof ?

Americas Best LED Quality is always only commercial grade, sourcing from only the worlds leading technology companies for reliable components and designed and engineered for the highest performance and reliability, well beyond our warranty period. With over  a decade in the LED industry we understand what it takes to deliver high efficiency LED quality.

When purchasing any LED product, price should not be the driving factor unless you can accept failure and the hassle that comes with not buying based on Best value.

Contact us at 727 314 8656 we are always happy to help you select the BEST LED QUALITY at the BEST VALUE TODAY.

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