solar LED Lights

Solar LED Lighting

Solar LED Street Lighting, is not the future, its here  today and being used more and more as the best option for high efficiency outdoor lighting. The very first electric street lights were introduced in […]

Americas BEST Led Shoebox

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting is a necessity for both security and convenience, yet it does not have to be the  energy hog its traditionally always been. Using modern vootu LED Lighting significant energy savings can be […]

Testing Light’s Healing Potential

The University of Arizona conducted a study on the impact of LED light on patients who have migraines. The Massachusetts General Hospital has studied whether this light can help patients with traumatic brain injuries recover. […]

America's Best High Bay 120W 200W 240W Fixtures

LED Lights And Bugs

When you want to enjoy being outside at night, you need to install some bug lights around your property. Doing so will make sure that you aren’t being swarmed by moths and insects so you […]