LED Type B Tube

LED Type B Tubes

LED type B Tubes are the best solution for replacing your inefficient T8 fluorescent tubes. There are a variety of different LED styles available on the market and it’s easy to be misled by statements […]

Bugs hate LED lights

BUGS hate LED Lights

Bugs hate LED lights, simply because they do not emit ultra violet light wavelengths. You may recall that all bug zappers have lamps emitting ultra violet light, as a way of attracting nearby bugs to […]

LED Savings

LED Savings

LED lighting today is well known for its energy saving abilities, but how quickly will the savings pay back the higher cost paid over older technology. To answer this you need to have specific data […]

Energy Efficient Lights

Energy Efficient Lights

In 2020 more people are evaluating the growing trend of  LED (Light Emitting Diode) as they seek new energy efficient Lights for their homes and businesses. Since the creation in 1879 by Thomas Edison of […]

Solar LEd Lighting

Solar LED Lighting

Solar Led Lighting combines the efficiency of Light Emitting Diodes (LED ) using the FREE energy generated from sunlight during the day and stored in High efficiency Lithium Ion batteries to create a power supply […]

LED Quality

LED Quality Vs PRICE

LED Quality determines both the  overall light performance and also the length of time the LED product will reliably perform. While most LED products appear the same visually or at best similar, it’s what you […]