Vootu Corn Lamp Horizontal


Where directional illumination is necessary then Vootu’s high performance Corn Lamp Horizontal is the perfect choice. These high efficiency lamps don’t waste light and rely on inefficient reflectors inside your fixture.

  • Brand: vootu
  • Base: 36w (E26) all others (E39)
  • Energy: 36, 54, 75  or 115 watts
  • CCT: 5000K

Designed to replace inefficient metal halide lamps and operates without the need for a ballast.




Where directional illumination is necessary such as street lamps, shoe boxes, wall packs, etc. then the Corn Lamp Horizontal is the perfect choice. These high efficiency lamps don’t waste light and rely on inefficient reflectors inside your fixture.

  • Brand: vootu
  • Replaces: 36 w = 100w, 54 w = 175w, 75w = 250w & 115w = 400w
  • Base: 36w (E26) all others (E39)
  • Energy: 36,54,75 &115 watt
  • CCT: 5000K
  • Lumens: 36 = 4320lm, 54 = 6480lm, 75w = 9000lm & 115 w = 13800lm
  • Efficacy: (120 lm/w)
  • CRI: 80
  • Type: Retrofit Lamp (ballast bypass)
  • Certification: UL listed E478735 , ROHS
  • Beam Angle: 120 degree
  • Input voltage: 100- 277 VAC
  • Lens:  Clear Acrylic Type 3 light distribution
  • IP: 65 (Wet locations)
  • L70: 50,000 hours (period of time when 30% light output deterioration occurs – 70% remains)
  • Warranty: 5 Year  (full replacement)
  • Suitable for fully enclosed fixtures

These CLH place their diodes on just one side this allows all of the lumens generated to be directed towards the area to be illuminated, in addition these are also adjustable and rotate around their base, allowing precise direction of light. Operating at 120lm/watt these Corn Lamp Horizontal (CLH) units are highly efficient and will outperform old legacy HID lamps and save 70% on energy consumption and do not require a ballast, they operate on line voltages between 100 -277 VAC. 5000k daylight white light with an 80 CRI, these units produce improved quality of light to any area. With a lifetime rating of 50,000 hours that’s 11.5 years of energy savings! Used 12 hrs per day 7 days per week.

Vootu LED lighting products emit light in the visible light spectrum, we exclude all Infra red and Ultraviolet light, both of which are unnecessary.  Ultraviolet light attracts insect, so by installing Vootu’s LED lighting you won’t be inviting bugs to your facility.

About America’s Best LED

America’s Best LED is the exclusive online reseller of Vootu, Inc LED lighting.

For over 10 years, Vootu has designed, engineered and perfected commercial grade lighting that is a favorite of Hospitals, School Districts, Franchises, Hotels and thousands of US small businesses across the country.

The quality of LED lighting is determined by the technology that is used, not by what can be seen on the outside. Vootu’s best in class electronics has combined with great thermal management and created lighting fixtures that are engineered for years of reliable, highly efficient use and immediate savings in energy consumption.

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Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions14 × 7 × 5 in
Color Temperature



36w, 54w, 75w, 115w





Beam Angle





13800, 4320, 6480, 9000


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