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Stylish LED clamp light by vootu, designed to illuminate in many places with its universal base that can be a stand alone feature or use the integrated clamp for those awkward places. This LED Clamp light make an ideal gift and with its small form factors fits neatly onto any work surface. Great for hobbyist who work on detail needing greater illumination, this versatile lamp makes book reading and laptop work easier.

This LED clamp light operates either direct connected using the included USB cable/ charger or stand alone once fully charges. with 60 lumens/ 600 lux this LED clamp light offers more light performance than most on the market today.

With a touch sensitive control its easily turned on or off with 3 different light outputs. At full power the batteries will last a full 4 hours at mid power level 6 hours and on the lowest setting 8 hours.

This LED clamp light has a flexible and fully adjustable goose neck, allowing the light to be precisely aimed where needed. The true white 5500 kelvin light color improves visual acuity.

With 12 pieces of LED diodes these lights have a 50,000 hour life, the 800mAh battery takes a full 12 hours to initially charge and should be recharged every 2 months if not in use to preserve the battery life.

Americas Best LED offer the most comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions all designed and engineered to provide many years of reliable light performance. For over a decade vootu have been actively involved in the development of high efficiency LED lighting

Purchase with confidence from Vootu, based in Clearwater Florida, CALL TODAY for help with selecting the right solution to your lighting needs 727 314 8656

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