Vootu LED G7 Shoebox Pole Light – 150W


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America’s Best LED offers the highest quality LED Shoebox 150 watt fixture as part of complete range of out door LED lighting fixtures. Improve the lighting in any parking lot by replacing your outdated and inefficient 400 watt fixtures today. With a 2 3/8 slip fitter connection and the ability to operate on either 120V or 277VAC these fixtures are truly universal. The fixture comes with a shorting cap that can easily be removed and a photo-cell attached for dawn to dusk operation.

Using Philips Lumiled 3030 diodes and a proven reliable Sosen dimmable driver together with integrated 25KV surge protection these fixtures are highest quality and should not be mistaken for inferior grade imitations. Our 5 year warranty provides peace of mind that these products will truly provide many years of high efficiency illumination. With a L70 value of 50,000 hours used each day for 12 hours, these lights will still be producing 70% of their initial lumen output in 12 years!!

  • Brand: vootu
  • NEW Slim style LED shoebox 150 watt
  • 2-3/8 slipfitter standard (rigid arm optional)
  • Input Voltage: AC100-277V
  • Lumens: 20,250
  • Type 3 light pattern for Parking Lots & area lighting
  • CCT: 5000k
  • CRI: 75
  • Dimmable Driver
  • Warranty: 5 year
  •  25KV Surge Protection Included
  • DLC  & UL listed
  • available Photocell option

Replacing your inefficient 400W Metal Halide / Sodium Vapour lamp pole Lighting today has never been easier! Using industry best vootu LED shoebox 150-watt fixtures delivering 62% energy savings. Significantly improved visual acuity and eliminates all expensive routine maintenance with its 5-year warranty. Furthermore this fixture comes standard with a 2 3/8 slip fitter additionally we can also provide rigid arms if necessary.

Additional built-in 25KV surge protection comes standard in all vootu shoebox products and operates on 100 -277VAC.

Can be controlled by an additional photocell: Part #AB-PC-A1 / H1

With a decade of LED engineering experience, buy with confidence direct from the manufacturer “vootu” in stock in the USA. vootu is an American company based in Clearwater Florida, employing Americans and dedicated to energy efficiency.

For help and advice on selecting the right LED product for your specific needs, contact vootu today at 727-314-8656 for immediate assistance.

QPR – Quality, Performance, and Reliability that’s America’s Best LED by vootu!

America’s Best LED is the online store for Vootu LED products and the only site on the internet where we offer these products. If you need assistance before making your purchase please call us at 727 242 0008, we are always happy to help.

Vootu has over a decade of experience in the LED lighting industry working with only the best components from the world’s leading electronics companies. Our reputation for creating commercial-grade LED lighting was established before most other companies started to resell LED lighting from multiple manufacturers.

Don’t make the mistake of buying based on the lowest price, that will mean the lowest quality and disappointment in a short period of time.  Purchase from Americas Best and you can be assured of unmatched performance and reliability, that’s always the  Best value.

Based in Clearwater, Florida we warehouse a huge inventory of all LED lighting products from lamps to complete fixtures, our range of commercial grade lighting solutions is unmatched. If you ever needed a genuine reason to buy from America’s Best LED, it’s because we care about quality and stand behind our products, no one else’s. When it’s time to buy LED it’s time to use America’s Best LED online store.

Installing LED Shoebox 150-watt fixtures in your parking lot today makes sense and will you save energy and money, eliminate future maintenance expenses and improve the overall quality of lighting.  It’s time to upgrade to America’s Best LED shoebox 150-watt fixtures and see for yourself the many benefits a commercial-grade LED provides.


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