Vootu LED Canopy Parking Garage Light – 75w


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Manufactured by Vootu our canopy lights are offered in both 45 watt and 75 watt with premium grade performance and quality. This unique design efficiently places light where needed, eliminating inefficiencies associated with legacy light fixtures utilizing H.I.D lamps.

For parking garages this fixture design has a unique feature allowing a small amount of light directed upwards to illuminate the soffit , just enough to eliminate the darkness everyone hates.

As a manufacturer of LED technology the vootu brand has a reputation for best value. It’s easy to find cheaper lower grade imitations from resellers and large online stores. You won’t find the same value with premium grade materials and tried and tested engineering solutions that guarantee long life and trouble free illumination for beyond the standard 5 year warranty.

These fixture are aluminum with a very high thermal conductivity to keep the diode junction temperature stable and assure the L70 value of 50,000 hours is achieved. The 5000k (true daylight) color is clean and bright, with a high color render index >80 ever color will look natural and true. Both 120 and 277VAC inputs make this universal in application for any canopy lights upgrade. Contemporary appearance with high efficiency and high quality lighting, these will certainly upgrade the appearance of any facility. Easily mounted to either a junction box, flat surface or threaded pipe making this a univesally appealing canopy lights fixture.

Replace existing 100 – 175 watt H.I.D fixtures with our 40 watt canopy lights, for higher wattage replacements up to 250 watt Metal halide we recommend our 75 watt fixture. The wattage is where the energy savings comes into play the directional light output is where the lighting efficiency comes into play. Use today technology to light our world and save money, time and help our environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Everyone can help themselves and our planet by changing to LED Lighting, it’s a smart way to save and a smart way to conserve our planets natural resources.

Help and advice are always available from Americas Best LED online store, call (727 314 8656) or e-mail contactus@americasbestled.com  with any questions. Choosing the correct LED solution is not always easy, trust AmericasBestLed for all of your energy efficient lighting needs.

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