4 ft. LED Troffer Light Fixtures – 50w – 2 PACK


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LED Troffer fixture 2 x 4 and 2 x 2  are an excellent lighting upgrade, these will provide a contemporary look and use only 50 watts ( 2 x 4 )  30 watts for (2 x 2) of electricity. that represents a 62% saving in electricity usage on a 2 x 4 fixture compared to 32 watt fluorescent 4 tube fixtures.

Further electricity savings acan be achieved by adding a dimmer switch to control this panel via 0-10V dimming. Providing a natural 4000k kelvin temperature with a high >80 Color Render Index these LED Troffer fixture produce high quality illumination and will enhance the color of your decor.

With a white enamel finish with excellent reflectivity, the pressed steel body provides excellent rigidity and also adds improved thermal management to control LED diode junction temperature and provide over 50,000 hours of high quality illumination.

Using a Lifud (premium) dimmable driver, these fixtures are premium DLC listed. Highest quality LED technology is always guaranteed when you purchase from Americas Best LED. Cut out the middle man and purchase direct from the manufacturer, vootu, a USA company based in Clearwater FL, with over a decade providing commercial grade, longest lasting LED solutions.

Available in both a 2 x 4 and 2 x 2 size, these LED Troffer fixtures will upgrade any office, school, hotel, church or retail store.

Not all LED products are created equally, they may look similar and have very close specifications, but when it comes down to reliability and performance its what you can’t see that really matters.

Vootu’s reputation has been established by never compromising on quality, reliability and performance or most importantly eficiency. Compare apples to apples and vootu will always be best value. Why take a risk purchasing online from a store that represents many manufacturers at various price points. There is only one requirement for LED, that’s Americas best, nothing else will outperform!

When it comes to saving energy vootu are the leading Energy Management Company, we understand inefficiencies and how to eliminate them from your operating expenses. LED alone will never eliminate all of your energy waste, that’s why we offer a comprehensive solution to tackle the entire problem.

Call vootu if you wish to eliminate all of your electricity waste and costs. Our LED lighting will get you started but our knowledge and experience will guarantee to get the best R.O.I.

With over a decade of LED engineering experience, buy with confidence direct from the manufacturer “vootu” in stock in the USA. vootu is an American company based in Clearwater Florida, employing Americans and dedicated to reducing energy costs by improving energy efficiency.

For help and advice selecting the right LED product for your specific needs, contact vootu today at 727-314-8656 for immediate assistance.

QPR – Quality, Performance and Reliability that’s Americas Best LED by vootu!

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions50 × 26 × 4 in
Color Temperature

4000K, 5000K






6549, 6942