Solar LEd Lighting

Solar LED Lighting

Solar Led Lighting combines the efficiency of Light Emitting Diodes (LED ) using the FREE energy generated from sunlight during the day and stored in High efficiency Lithium Ion batteries to create a power supply during overnight hours.

Combining all three of these cutting edge technologies creates new opportunities to provide light in areas where no electricity supply exists or it simply uneconomical to provide.

LED light engines powered by batteries are a perfect combination as light emitting diodes operate on Direct current (D.C), as oppose to the grid power received in our homes and businesses being Alternating current (A.C) Working in this manner with no AC/DC conversion necessary means fewer energy losses as the normal conversion of A.C to D.C always incurs energy waste.

With well-designed battery storage these types of fixtures can endure long periods of inclement weather whenever optimal amounts of sunshine are not delivered. 5 – 7 days of autonomy can be provided with the small size of today’s Lion batteries.

Smart onboard sensors also help preserve stored energy for use only when needed. Photo-cells detect low levels of light and turn the devices on when needed and prevent use when light levels are adequate during daylight. Motion detectors allow for full illumination only to be used when motion is detected and maximum light provided, for all other times illumination levels can be reduced to preserve stored energy. Security can now be improved by adding solar LED Lighting to all of those dark areas where costly grid power did not exist.

Installing solar LED lighting does not incur the normal added expense of a licensed electrician as no electrical connections are necessary, making these a relatively easy installation. These self-contained light fixtures simply need to be mounted on either a light pole or attached to a building structure where adequate amounts of solar irradiation can be delivered. Safe to install with no additional operating costs throughout their lifetime, makes these new technologies a great investment for the future of energy efficiency.

Today Americas Best LED has Solar LED Lighting solutions for parking lots and area illumination, wall packs and floodlights in many different styles and sizes.

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