solar LED Lights

Solar LED Lighting

Solar LED Street Lighting, is not the future, its here  today and being used more and more as the best option for high efficiency outdoor lighting.

The very first electric street lights were introduced in Paris in 1878 and quickly spread, eliminating  outdated gas lanterns. The electric street light has changed very little over the past 140 years although some technological advancements have been made in terms of efficiency and lighting performance. Mercury vapor lamps arrived in 1948 marking a significant improvement over incandescent or fluorescent lamps of the day, delivering much improved illumination. One negative aspect for the mercury vapor lamp was it poor color rendering abilities and the blue/green light they emitted made peoples complexions look pale and ill in appearance. These lamps had a relatively short life expectancy and diminished their light output very quickly. By the 1970’s Mercury vapor lamps were appearing on streets and roadways and very distinguishable by their yellow-orange light they emit, initially this color was not popular however over time it became accepted and widely used. Shortly after came the Metal Halide lamp with a more pleasing white light, that almost everyone preferred. All of these legacy light forms rely on creating a high amount of heat to produce light, making them quite inefficient, combined with the need for a ballast to supply high power, there overall cost remained high.
Solar LED Street Lights at nightToday Light Emitting Diodes (LED) are truly the dominant lighting technology as mass adoption has driven prices down to affordable levels for everyone from homeowner to property managers the value proposition is hard to ignore. A similar technology Solar PV has also benefited from drastically falling prices and combining these two technologies creates a viable Solar LED Street light, powerful enough to deliver acceptable illumination levels using modern battery technology such as Lithium ion, it’s easily possible to store enough energy to provide reserves for 3 – 5 days should inclement weather prevent the use of FREE solar energy.

Solar LED Street Lighting combines the every best of today’s technology, to bring illumination to areas that would normally be cost prohibitive to bring a grid power supply to. Motion sensors provide the intelligence necessary to maximize the stored energy for use only when required. Having the ability to step down lighting levels when people are not present, saves energy and reduces light pollution. In areas where sunshine is predominant for most of the year, such as Southern states, Solar LED Street Lighting makes the most sense.With LED diodes rated life of over 50,000 hours and photovoltaic modules guaranteed to produce electricity for 25 years, you can be certain the investment today will soon recover its cost and then continue to provide lasting savings as traditional grid powered street lights will only continue to increase in operating costs as energy prices worldwide increase.

Solar LED Street Lighting is not the only available use for this incredible technology ,any open space, such as parking lots, car dealerships, security floodlights to name a few would all benefit from being illuminated without being connected to the grid, No more blackouts from grid power outages!!


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