Using LED Lighting to Improve Campus Security

LED lighting really is the best way to protect people and your healthcare or educational related property. This is the best way to provide comfort and safety without spending a whole lot of money. There are many options available for you to use here.

Installing Integrated Lighting Controls

The relationship between LED lighting and security solutions is one in which the cameras require high-quality lighting so they can capture the best possible images. While newer cameras can see better with low lights, infrared is best which is why luminaires are better. They make images look colorful so you can see them further away. However, their range is limited so they can’t truly illuminate huge areas.

When putting up these lights on poles you’ll want to make sure they’re evenly spaced to offer a great vantage point for your camera. Whether this means putting them around your property’s perimeter or near other areas you want to watch they’ll give you a perfect picture of everything you want to see.

How Connected Lighting Solutions Help Streamline Your Workflow

Many of today’s businesses and facilities are upgrading to use LED lighting because of the monetary savings and the great security solution they can also offer. Typically, you must buy all the components separately to set up a security camera pole and order a power source – all of which is quite costly. However, there are some integrated network security cameras that are already ready to go, thus saving you a lot of money while also being much more convenient for you to use.

How Connected Lighting Solves Security Concerns

Unfortunately, having good security isn’t always possible because of its expense. Of course, it doesn’t help that the end solution is also usually quite ugly. These are two of the primary concerns that most customers have though – sometimes the price of energy also factors in. Sometimes customers will then choose to take measures into their own hands but then become discouraged or frustrated because the project turns out to be too complex. When you find a solution that integrates your LED lighting with your security solution you save so much energy that you can actually pay for the upgraded lighting and the whole security solution too. All of this typically happens much faster too.

There are some customers who are still a bit concerned that these security solutions offer subpar views, poor lighting, or contain blindspots, but this honestly doesn’t happen when you have your LED lighting integrated with your security cameras. Instead, you honestly get “the best of both worlds” because having the camera as part of your luminaire you’ll always have a well-lit feed available when you need to see what’s going on around that area. This will solve any challenges you face by leveraging the real estate you have available.

America’s Best LED is whom you want to talk to about this type of lighting. With many years of experience behind them, they’ll be able to help you address your specific needs in a way that works well for you.

Picture Credit: Thomas Windisch