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Parking lot lighting is a necessity for both security and convenience, yet it does not have to be the  energy hog its traditionally always been. Using modern vootu LED Lighting significant energy savings can be achieved. Savings in energy usage typically range between 50 – 70%, and with average electricity costs of 0.11 cents per Kw/h the savings are hard to ignore.

For instance take a typical parking lot lighting area, with just 20 light poles ,each with one traditional 400 watt metal halide lamp. Based on a 12 hour per day usage, over the course of just one year your electricity cost would amount to $3854.40. Compare this to a more energy efficient LED fixture using 150 watts to produce comparable illumination, and the reduced electricity costs would be just $1445.50. In the very first year that’s an electricity cost saving of $2409.40.

Most all LED fixtures today come with a 5 year warranty, that means you are assured of $12,047.00 in electricity cost avoidance, over that period of time, without factoring in future rate increases.

In addition to high efficiency  illumination, LED fixtures last much longer than traditional Metal Halide lamps, found in most parking lot lighting fixtures. Maintenance costs are almost eliminated when using LED lighting, no more costly lamp or ballast replacement . Over the 50,000 hour rated life of an LED fixture ( 11.4 years when used 12 hours each day) you will benefit from significant savings in avoided routine maintenance expenses. The elimination of just lift truck costs makes switching to LED attractive!

Enhanced illumination is often achieved when using 5000 kelvin temperature LED lighting. This daylight white color provide a clean light, enhancing overall visual acuity. Combined with high color render index, typically over 80 CRI, true color is displayed and the overall appearance of the area becomes more inline with that of day time illumination.

Traditional light sources such as Metal Halide lamps degrade fast, they often loose up to 30% of their light output within the first year and continue to degrade throughout their life. In contrast when we state the life expectancy of an LED lamp we refer to it’s L70 value. This value only indicates the period of time before the initial light output (lumens) has diminished by 30% still leaving 70% light output.

So when comparing LED lamps to traditional lamps its an unfair comparison using the total life expectancy of tradition lamps to the L70 value of an LED lamp.

Dollar for dollar LED outperforms all traditional lighting and provides improved illumination quality while using significantly less energy.

vootu carry a comprehensive range of commercial grade LED fixture for every application. With over a decade designing and engineering LED solutions it’s always best to trust an experienced company when investing in LED.

Call vootu today on 727 314 8656 for friendly advice and help selecting the right Parking Lot lighting solution for your next LED project.

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