Bugs hate LED lights

BUGS hate LED Lights

Bugs hate LED lights, simply because they do not emit ultra violet light wavelengths. You may recall that all bug zappers have lamps emitting ultra violet light, as a way of attracting nearby bugs to meet their doom!

Using todays high efficiency LED lighting not only saves money with less electricity being consumed, to provide the same light as old inefficient lamps. The fact that LED produce light only in the visible light spectrum for humans means the failings of old technologies is eliminated. Bugs hate LED lights not just because they aren’t attracted to them but also because very little heat is created from an LED light source, bugs like heat also.

Another interesting side benefit of not attracting bugs is that spiders will be less inclined to build their webs around LED fixtures, as their food source will be drastically cut.

You can take back your yard by installing LED lamps in all external lamps, bugs hate LED lights, and we hate bugs those bugs and their nasty bites!

Americas Best LED offer a comprehensive range of LED replacement lamps including the popular A19, A21, Par lamps, BR lamps , MR and GU10 lamps. If new outside fixtures are called for then we also have have those. We even have solar powered LED lighting, bugs hate LED lights in every form.

Choosing LED is a wise decision, this technology is reliable, energy efficient leading to lower electricity costs and better illumination. Chose 5000 kelvin for external lights will deliver a day light white clean color to your external areas. Visual acuity is important when illuminating at night and the best color is 5000k.

Bugs hate LED lights just as much as we hate BUGS that bite, so why not change out your old inefficient lamps that call out to bugs to come visit. Choose Americas Best LED for peace of mind, we have been active in the LED Industry for over a decade. We don’t trade LED we design and engineer products that carry the vootu name the brand built for success.

Call for help at 727 314 8656 and let  Americas Best LED help attract bugs onto your patio area.



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