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Energy Monitoring is a proven way of lowering energy usage and energy costs. It’s worth stating “you can’t manage what you can’t measure”

Therefore is your goal is to lower your electrical usage, you will need a way to measure all electricity usage in real time. E-TRAQ is an affordable yet powerful tool designed by vootu to deliver all the data an energy manager or business owner would need to gain vital visibility of energy usage.

E-Traq’s energy dashboard is cloud based, providing instant access from any web enabled device. Electricity usage can now be monitored and made visible with easy to understand charts and graphs. Spotting anomalies or out of hours energy usage becomes simple, tracking energy saving progress and downloading reports is also simple.

In addition to usage and demand tracking. energy monitoring records all important electrical data. If you electrical systems don’t have the optimum electricity provided by the grid, then efficiencies soon decline. Brown-outs cause increased costs and potential equipment failure, knowing when these occur means you can prevent future problems. Monitor voltage, current, power factor, active power, reactive power, apparent power, harmonics on both voltages and current.

E-TRAQ monitors both single and three phase electrical services, voltages up to 600V line to line and with our split core current transducers there are very little limits to measuring amperages.

Energy monitors provide the data to make informed decisions and eliminate guesswork. Any energy saving upgrades introduced can instantly be verified as delivering the projected savings, no more waiting for the next electric bill to arrive.

Electricity costs can be significantly reduced, but only if you know where all the energy waste resides. Energy monitors such as E-TRAQ remove the blindfold and turn energy savings into predictable projects managed by the real time data you receive.

Take control of your energy consumption and help avoid the inevitable that tomorrows energy costs will be higher than todays. Energy monitors provide the data to drive changes that ultimately deliver lasting savings. Avoid future unnecessary increases in electricity costs by taking back control today, most commercial businesses waste 30% of the electricity they purchase. E-TRAQ will guide you to where those leakages occur, action taken is then verified by E-TRAQ as being successful.

E-TRAQ can be quickly installed, within 2 hours and effective immediately. Energy is now monitored 24/7 and every electrical value conceivable now recorded and available for review at any time.  The easy to navigate energy dashboard makes understanding energy usage simple, spotting energy waste becomes easy, helping you to reduce energy waste that normally goes unnoticed.

Vootu Inc is the parent company of Americas Best LED, we are an established Energy management company based in Clearwater FL. Our proven ability to help companies identify and ultimately eliminate all energy waste and inefficiencies from their facilities, is only possible when energy monitoring becomes an integral part of the solution.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure, therefore you wont fix a problem you are unaware exists. Using real time energy monitoring systems such as E-TRAQ delivers the much needed visibility to tackle this expensive problem. Once energy waste has been eliminated and efficiency improvements implemented, you can rest assured E-TRAQ will police all future energy usage and report any new problems that may arise in the future.

Contact Vootu today for answers to how energy monitoring can deliver the best value when it comes to reducing electricity usage. call TODAY at 727 314 8656


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