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Americas Best LED provides commercial grade LED GU10 lamp that consumes just 6 watts and is a direct replacement for inefficient and outdated halogen lamps that were the original light source of both MR16 and GU10 lamps.

Halogen lamps were notorious for being so hot you could burn yourself if unknowingly you touched the housing. Americas Best GU10 lamps are cool/warm to the touch and will not cause any injuries associated with heat.

In comparison to the halogen lamp Americas best LED GU10 lamps are a direct replacement both in  size, form factor and light output. Significant heat reductions are achieved when you replace your inefficient halogen style GU10 lamps with the dimmable (triac only) LED GU10 lamp from Americas Best LED.

These lamps produce a color 4000k, warmish and very close to that of the original halogen light. The color render index is an impressive 80 CRI, this means all of your fabrics, wall colors, artwork and ornaments will be showcased in the truest color. No more washed out color due to low CRI lamps.

Vootu have undertaken many large scale lighting upgrades using this same product in Golf Clubhouses, Hotel banquet suites where large numbers of halogen lamps have been replaced and upgraded with our commercial grade LED GU10 lamps. The effect of only consuming 6 watts as oppose to 50 watts achieves significant 88% electricity savings together with the heat reduction these air conditioned spaces remain cooler. Lighting levels have always improved as the visual acuity of LED lighting is more in tune with the human eye than legacy lights.

Purchasing LED lighting from Americas Best LED means confidently buying from a reliable and trusted manufacturer based int he Clearwater Florida area for the past decade. our commitment to developing high quality best value LED lighting solutions remains our driving force. We wont ever compromise on quality and we don’t believe you can find a better value LED lighting product than that offered by Americas Best LED.

If you are unsure about which product would work best for you, call us Today we are always happy to help 727 314 8656

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