LED Panel Surface Mount Kit 2×4

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LED surface mount kit for 2 x 4 panel lights. White low profile aluminum frame easily assembled within a few minutes. Plugs and screws included.

This simple kit allows LED panel lights to be easily installed on any rigid ceiling internal or externally. Even hang your panel lights on walls to create a cool look!

All Americas Best LED products are the vootu brand, designed and engineered for commercial use. Reliability, performance and best value always.

Based in Clearwater Florida, these LED panel surface mount kit are in stock and ready to ship. We guarantee our products because we engineer what you can’t see, the electronics that are at the heart of a best in class LED product.

You can always find a lower price on the internet but you won’t find the same high quality LED technology at a lower price. With over a decade serving the Nation with only the Best LED, our reputation for value sets the standard.

Call us today for help selecting the right product for your project.

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