BR40 LED Light Bulb – 17w

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With 35,000 hours life and low wattage energy consumption these LED lamps quickly recover their investment. Our BR40 17W LED Light Bulb are dimmable and easily replace 100w incandescent or 34w CFL.

  • 120V
  • E26 Base
  • 110° Beam Angle
  • Frosted Cover

Commercial grade, high-end electronic components assure longevity and are designed and engineered by Vootu in the USA to excel in long burn time environments, Hotels, Hospitals, Cinemas and Small Businesses nationwide.



With 35,000 hours life and low wattage energy consumption these LED lamps quickly recover their investment. Commercial Grade BR40 17W LED Light Bulb replaces 100w incandescent or 34w CFL.

  • 17w replaces 100w incandescent or 34w CFL
  • 2700 kelvin – 1,360 lumens,
  • 4000 kelvin – 1,428 lumens
  • >80 CRI
  • 120V
  • E26 Base
  • 110° Beam Angle
  • Dimmable (Triac)
  • Frosted Cover

America’s Best LED BR40 Light Bulb is another high quality LED lighting product offered by the company with industry longevity. With over a decade of experience engineering commercial grade LED products, our reputation for both reliability and quality has set the standard.

Our LED BR40 Bulb is an exact replacement for other inefficient lighting sources such as incandescent or Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Upgrading your light fixtures using America’s Best LED BR40 Bulb will improve the visual impact, with high quality visually pleasing illumination. Either 2700 kelvin (warm yellowish light) or 4000k ( neutral more white light) provide excellent results. The high Color render index ( CRI) of 80 assures true color enhancing all of your fabrics, wall finishes and artwork.

These LED BR40 Bulb are dimmable and compatible with most legacy dimming switches (triac) Using just 17 watts of electricity the power load on the switch is greatly reduced meaning you can control more lamps with the same switch.

Averaging around 1400 directional lumens from this bulb the light intensity will out perform older technology and provide significantly longer service life. Rated for 35,000 hours (L70) before a noticeable depreciation in light output occurs (30%) these Bulbs offer greater working life than others available online or in stores.

If you are seeking an LED BR40 Bulb that can be simply installed and forgotten about until well past the 35,000 hours life, then you need to purchase form the commercial grade LED company, that’s America’s Best LED.

About America’s Best LED

America’s Best LED is the exclusive online reseller of vootu LED.

For over 10 years, vootu has designed, engineered and perfected commercial grade lighting, which we have sold Nationwide to Hospitals, School Districts, Franchises, Hotels, as well as thousands of US small businesses.

The quality of LEDs is determined by the technology that is used, not by what you can see. Best in class electronics, combined with great thermal management, has created lighting engineered for years of reliable high-efficiency lighting.

ABLED Guarantee

Our price, performance, reliability and honest, ethical advice earned us a stellar reputation.

Failure is a word we seldom hear, but it happens. We proudly stand by our products. When an issue does arise our engineers are eager to investigate and resolve it.

We continue to strive for higher standards, better efficiency and lower prices without compromising QUALITY.

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Additional information

Color Temperature

2700K, 4000K




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