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How T8 LED Tube Lights work

T8 LED Tube Lights Explained

Quiet possibly the biggest single light source in use today is the 4 foot fluorescent tube light energized by an electronic ballast housed in a 4 ft x 2 ft troffer, with either an acrylic […]

Testing Light’s Healing Potential

The University of Arizona conducted a study on the impact of LED light on patients who have migraines. The Massachusetts General Hospital has studied whether this light can help patients with traumatic brain injuries recover. […]

LED Lights And Bugs

When you want to enjoy being outside at night, you need to install some bug lights around your property. Doing so will make sure that you aren’t being swarmed by moths and insects so you […]


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While you may argue that all these products look the same, their quality varies greatly. With us, you’re assured of nothing but the best because we buy nothing but the highest quality of components from leading technology companies throughout the world to incorporate into all the products we manufacture and sell. All these items are diligently tested and monitored once placed in real world applications. This lets us continually work on improving their performance, quality, and reliability for you.

Top all this off with the fact that all the LED lights you get from our LED online store also come with a 5-year warranty. However, most of our products have been put to the ultimate test in that we’ve discovered that they perform reliably well for far beyond this time period. This means that you can buy products from us, at the best price and with the greatest confidence. Since we have a huge warehouse in Florida that’s filled with our inventory, our LED online store is ready to ship almost any order on the same day that we receive it.

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